Watch: Hilton Connecting Room Concerts with Brandi Carlile

Hilton Connecting Room Concerts with Brandi Carlile

Imagine checking in to your hotel and seeing your favorite music artist walk through the door of one of Hilton’s signature connecting rooms. That’s what happened when a lucky group of super fans and Hilton Honors members checked in at The Beverly Hilton and saw GRAMMY Award®-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile singing directly to them.

Hilton’s Connecting Room Concert Series has officially launched, celebrating one of music’s biggest nights, with Brandi Carlile performing a private concert inside a connecting room for a once-in-a-lifetime intimate experience. 

When it comes to celebrating music and music fans, it matters where you stay -- from hosting the first-ever GRAMMYs in 1959 at The Beverly Hilton to being at the center of iconic music moments to where super fans rest their heads after a legendary concert performance.

This won’t be the last time guests might see an artist performing a personal concert in a Hilton room. Hilton’s Connecting Room Concert Series will continue to be replicated across the globe, giving music fans and Hilton Honors members exclusive access to performances, one-on-one interviews and behind-the-scenes experiences with their favorite artists.

Music fans who tuned in on GRAMMYs night also saw the newest commercial as part of the “It Matters Where You Stay” campaign, featuring Carlile in her most important concert of the night, as the star is captured walking through her own connecting room to sing her young children a lullaby.

See more about how Hilton brings music and fans together through music’s biggest moments at hilton.com/music.