2023 Trends Report

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The 2023 Traveler

Emerging Trends that are Innovating the Travel Experience

A Report from Hilton

"We are stepping into next year optimistically; ready for the adventures in front of us. Beyond 2023, our dedication to fill the world with the light and warmth of hospitality will always guide our efforts. Hospitality will always be the heart of Hilton.

Until we welcome you again – safe travels!"

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Chris Nassetta

President and chief executive officer, Hilton

Following both qualitative and quantitative research, four consistent themes emerged that articulate the desires, preferences and passions of the 2023 traveler.

In Summary: The Profile of the 2023 Traveler

People will turn to travel for deeper, more engaging, human experiences and connections.

Travel is a gateway to discovering different cultures and perspectives and, in 2023, people will focus on travel as a way to create deeper connections with friends, family, colleagues, customers, cultures and the earth. There will be a rising interest in unique and engaging experiences, design and food & beverage programs, especially ones that connect the traveler to the local communities.

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People will recognize authentic travel as an essential part of their wellness routine.

As the world emerged from the pandemic, people reconsidered what “wellness” meant in their lives – considering areas of mindfulness, emotional well-being and sleep, in addition to nutrition and fitness. In 2023, travelers will further prioritize travel with wellness in mind, looking for accommodations, destinations and authentic travel experiences that address their holistic wellness needs.

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Travelers will want to be taken care of more than ever.

Next year, there will be a renewed appreciation for the most basic tenet of hospitality: to feel cared for. Travelers will be loyal to those brands and partners that fill this emotional and physical need and welcome moments of personalization or recognition for their loyalty.

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Travelers want frictionless travel innovations that are both technology‑ and human‑led.

While technology often powers the day-to-day, people provide relatability and personalization. To reduce travel’s strongest tension points, travelers will utilize new technologies, like enhanced online booking options and app-based solutions to make travel easier but continue to want excellent customer service through personalized guest engagements, tailored corporate contracts and unique event activations.

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Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to determine the emerging trends detailed in this report.

Qualitative: Hilton conducted stakeholder interviews across the organization to gain perspectives on what travel looks like today and determine what is top of mind going into 2023. Business Divisions included: Business Travel/Events, Food & Beverage, Wellness, Sustainability, Design, Digital Innovation, Workplace Culture.

Quantitative: Hilton commissioned an online omnibus survey with Material, fielded August 2022 among general population consumers 18+ years of age in several markets with questions targeting behavior related to travel. Specifically, the survey was fielded to: n=1,002 in Australia, n=1,002 in China, n=1,002 in Germany, n=1,002 in Japan, n=1,002 in Mexico, n=1,002 in the U.K. and n=1,018 in the U.S. Additionally, a Hilton Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research (www.wakefieldresearch.com) among 1,000 U.S. Adult Travelers, between August 23rd and August 30th, 2022, using an email invitation and an online survey. This data has been weighted to ensure accurate representation of U.S. travelers. “Travelers” are defined as those who took a trip in the past 24 months that required an overnight stay.