Ian and Jordana Fichtenbaum

Co-Founders and Co-Chefs, Zero G Kitchen

Ian and Jordana Fichtenbaum

Ian and Jordana Fichtenbaum are the co-founders and co-chefs of space technology company Zero G Kitchen. Bound together by their love of space and cooking, Ian and Jordana launched the company with the mission to create a full suite of kitchen appliances for micro-gravity use for long duration space flights of the future.

The first Zero G Kitchen appliance is the oven that will be used to bake the first food item fresh in space – the DoubleTree Cookie. The oven was built in partnership with NanoRacks, the leading commercial company operating on the International Space Station, and designed to freshly prepare small food items, such as cookies and rolls. 

Beyond Zero G Kitchen, Ian is a space entrepreneur, businessman, investor and director of Bradford Space, a space systems manufacturing group. He has devoted his work to commercializing space and developing the use of space stations. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Ian loves baked goods, especially Montreal bagels and chocolate chip cookies. 

Jordana is social media expert and blogger serving restaurants and hotels, including several well-known chains. Earlier in her career, she served in the New York City Mayor’s Office working under Mayor Bloomberg in the Community Affairs Unit. Aside from Zero G Kitchen, she runs an Instagram account (@WhatsJordanaReading) to share her favorite literary recommendations.