Brand Spotlight: Colorful Fun Welcomes Guests to Tru by Hilton 

Tru by Hilton celebrates the fun of their local communities in playful & colorful lobbies

In this edition of Brand Spotlight, we’ll take a look at Tru by Hilton, a Hilton brand that focuses on providing guests with a fun stay full of color and local flavor.

“Tru spirit is offering more than a room,” said Lautice Colbert, general manager, Tru by Hilton Manassas. “We offer personality, we offer comfort. They’re going to have a clean room and an amazing experience.” 

One of Colbert’s favorite parts of the hotel is the lobby, which is functional and built for play. Colbert says she gets to see families enjoying lobby games, and friends gathered together to watch sports. Tru by Hilton lobbies not only offer games and TVs, but each Tru by Hilton also features a colorful mural inspired by the hotel’s city.  

Indiewalls, a full-service art consultancy, collaborates with Tru by Hilton to curate bespoke murals for each hotel. They bridge the gap between designers, brands, and independent artists. Tru by Hilton supports artists by specifying each hotel to design and install these unique murals, which not only embellish the hotel interiors but also act as lively introductions to the local culture. Every Tru by Hilton hotel lobby is adorned with a distinctive mural that reflects the spirit of its city, infusing the space with originality and artistic flair. 

The “best of” the local community is also celebrated at each Tru by Hilton through the hand-picked selection of local sweets and snacks that are available for guests to purchase in the lobby. At Tru by Hilton Manassas, the team also regularly updates a listing of local favorite restaurants and happenings for travelers.

Check out the video above to learn more about this colorful brand and their “friends taking care of friends” mindset.