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CEO Light & Warmth Spotlight: Maria Del Pilar Garcia

Meet María Del Pilar García, Systems Manager at the Hilton Panama and a winner of the 2018 CEO Light & Warmth Award. María has played a part in Hilton’s success in Panama from the very beginning. She started her career by helping open Hilton’s first hotel in Panama and led the systems functions for the opening of additional Hampton, Waldorf and Hilton hotels. Each year, she renegotiates contracts to ensure Hilton is providing guests the best technology at the best price. Her focus is to keep all systems in excellent working order and the comfort of guests top of mind. María uses this passion to train Team Members on in-room technology so they feel empowered to provide immediate assistance for any technical issue.

Another of María’s initiatives has been the preparation of tutorial videos in Spanish about various topics such as how to open service support chats and use other hotel systems. Team Members have found this incredibly helpful. As a vegetarian, María knows the importance of educating others about special diets and has brought awareness to hotel teams so they can use this knowledge to better care for guests and provide alternative dietary options.

In 2017, María earned her certification to teach breathing and meditation techniques at the Art of Living Foundation. She even opened a yoga and meditation space at the hotel for Team Members interested in experiencing relaxation through these techniques. María cares about the welfare of the community. As a volunteer with Art of Living, she spends her free time teaching breathing techniques to people in the community looking for alternative ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. She is also part of a project called “Positive Time” where she has taught meditation techniques to more than 800 children living in high-risk areas. She is a leader in a group called Dule Buledi, which is committed to providing sick children with opportunities to fulfill their dreams, such as meeting the First Lady of Panama and interacting with therapy horses.

The CEO Light & Warmth Award is Hilton’s highest Team Member recognition. Click here to learn more. Click here to read about other winners.

*Team Members include employees at Hilton corporate offices and its owned and managed properties, and employees of franchisees who work on property at independently owned and operated franchised properties in the Hilton portfolio.​