DoubleTree Signature, Warm Cookie

DoubleTree by Hilton is famous for its proud tradition of greeting guests with its signature, warm DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie at check-in, symbolizing a warm welcome and comfortable stay.

For the first time ever, DoubleTree by Hilton is sharing the official bake‑at‑home recipe for the brand’s beloved and delicious chocolate chip cookie, so at‑home bakers can create the warm and comforting treat in their own kitchens. 

More than 30 million are consumed every year, and the DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie even became the first food to be baked in orbit during experiments aboard the International Space Station. 

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It All Starts With The Warm DoubleTree Cookie

The simple gesture of offering a warm DoubleTree Cookie at check-in has become synonymous with the brand's commitment to providing guests with a warm welcome and unforgettable stay. For more than 30 years, the warm DoubleTree Cookie has played a starring role in differentiating our brand's hospitality from the competition.

Houston, We Have Cookies

The famous DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie was the first food baked in space

Cookies In Space

Cook(ie) Books

From 2017 to 2019, the brand introduced an annual Cook(ie) Book around National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Aug. 4), that featured DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie-inspired recipes from its hotels around the world.

Mission: Cookie Cook(ie) Book

Mission: Cookie is a space-inspired recipe book filled with more than 30 creative recipes from DoubleTree by Hilton hotels around the world that incorporate the brand’s beloved chocolate chip cookie.

Start With Cookies Cook(ie) Book

Featuring 29 recipes from around the world that all start with a singular key ingredient—the DoubleTree Cookie.

We Have Cookies Cook(ie) Book

Celebrating 500 hotels, DoubleTree by Hilton served up its first-ever global cookbook in 2017.

Nibble on some numbers

We’d never sugar-coat the figures.  Here are the numbers behind the sweet treats that everyone loves…

  • 483 million DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies have been given out to date
  • 30 million DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies are consumed each year
  • 1.2 million pounds of chocolate chips are used each year to bake DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies
  • 30 chocolate chips are found in an average DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie
  • 2 ounces is the approximate weight of each DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie
  • More than 615 DoubleTree by Hilton hotels in 50 countries and territories are serving the DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie to guests

Baked to perfection: a timeline of success

DoubleTree by Hilton didn’t invent the chocolate chip cookie — the brand just perfected it. Here’s how and when…

  • 1986: DoubleTree by Hilton introduced the signature cookie amenity to guests as a way to build brand loyalty through a nightly turn-down service.
  • 1995: The warm DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie was transferred to front desks, illustrating and reiterating the brand’s warm welcome.
  • 2017: DoubleTree by Hilton introduced an annual Cook(ie) Book around National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Aug. 4) that featured DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie-inspired recipes from its hotels around the world, beginning with We Have Cookies.
  • 2018: The second Cook(ie) Book, Start with Cookies, was released.
  • 2019: The DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie became the first food baked in space inside a prototype oven designed to make long-duration space travel more hospitable. Also, the third Cook(ie) Book, Mission: Cookie, was released.
  • 2020: DoubleTree by Hilton shared the official bake-at-home recipe for the brand’s beloved and delicious DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie, so at-home bakers could create the warm and comforting treat in their own kitchens.

Did you know? Tins of pre-baked cookies are also available for a thoughtful gift.

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