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Hilton at Home: Cooking Up a Memorable Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

The executive chef of The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel shares his tips and tricks

Delivering mom a special breakfast in bed is a popular surprise for many families on Mother’s Day. And because this sweet tradition gives moms a chance to relax while the kiddos take on the role of home chef, the experience can make for fun memories as well. 

We spoke with Jason Schneider, executive chef at The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, who has over two decades of experience orchestrating delightful Mother’s Day moments. Schneider’s wife is originally from Mexico, where Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 10, while in the United States Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May. This means that each spring Schneider spends two days celebrating moms—helping hotel guests celebrate on one day, while planning a special surprise for his own wife on another. He shared that it only takes a little bit of pre-planning or an unexpected ingredient to add a real “wow” factor into this Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. 

If breakfast in bed is on your list, read on and let the planning begin. 

What would be some good menu options for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed?

“I think a menu for mom needs to be personalized since it’s her day, so it should be her preference. Omelets are a great option, and they are versatile because you can pre-crack, mix eggs and precut the ingredients. And it’s a great opportunity to use some luxurious ingredients—try some lobster, king crab, specialty mushrooms, fresh chives, Camembert or another soft and ‘melty’ cheese. In the morning, it will take you about the same time to toast the bread as it will to cook the omelet and she will appreciate it.” 

What would be an easy, yet delicious option? 

“I like a breakfast sandwich as an option because it’s easy to serve and eat. One of my favorites is a baguette with smoked salmon and some cream cheese that’s been mixed with green onions, capers and dill. A breakfast BLT is another universally appreciated favorite and it’s simple to prepare. Make it upscale with high-quality bacon, artisan bread and a nice vine-ripened tomato. Serve it open with bacon and a fried egg on one side and lettuce and tomato on the other. Don’t forget some fresh cracked pepper.” 

Would pre-making a breakfast item, like baking muffins, be a foolproof choice for novice cooks? 

“Muffin batter can be prepared and refrigerated with great results. If you’re not a great baker, it may be risky to wait and bake your untested batter. Reheating muffins is a second-best option. I would say stay in your comfort zone. If you are not a great cook you can always make a nice fruit plate the night before, then get up early and purchase some freshly made pastries or bagels.  Either way, I am sure mom will be happy and appreciate the gesture.” 

Can you share some ideas for a creative breakfast tray setup? 

“For me, the notion of pampering should be the dominating theme. [Add] fresh flowers, a special card or note, perhaps a small gift, cloth napkins. A warm oshibori towel would be something you could add that would be a nice and welcoming touch.”

How can kids make the breakfast service memorable? 

“I would encourage them to find some wild or garden flowers to pick, if available—that always impresses mom. Creating a tray liner with some of the children’s custom artwork could be fun. The custom card [or] note may be obvious, but don’t overlook it.”

For information on this year’s Mother’s Day Brunch at The Roosevelt or other holiday brunch favorites, visit here.

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