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Celebrating International Youth Day: 50 Years of Experience with Hilton

We all start somewhere. And that somewhere for Carol Brock was and still is Hilton. A career in the hotel industry provides a wealth of opportunity and growth, which is why in honor of International Youth Day, Hilton is celebrating Carol’s 50th anniversary with the company by looking back to where she began – a determined, young woman in Boston bound to break boundaries.

“I feel blessed and honored to have spent the last 50 years with Hilton. The company has challenged and helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I have been able to travel the world and work with the best of the best. I have made friends from near and far, but most of all Hilton feels like home.” – Carol Brock, [Director of Leisure Sales, Maine]

Why were/are you interested in the hospitality industry?

I grew up traveling around the United States with my family. I enjoyed planning trips and exploring different places. This love of travel ultimately led me to Hilton.  

How has education/apprenticeship/work experience influenced your career path?

Experience defined it. It is how I decided what to do with my career. I knew there were two things I wanted in life: a good education and a career to give back to others. That is why I choose to pursue hospitality in college and why I remained in the industry for my whole career.

What are the pivotal points in your career path while at Hilton?

“The summer of 1969 I moved to Boston and applied for front desk clerk at Statler Hilton Boston. Unfortunately, I was told they didn’t hire women on front desk or the sales department.

Checking the other hotels in the city and they had the same response.

I was determined to break into the hotel business, and especially wanted to work for Hilton so finally met with the front office manager and was hired on August 1, 1969 as the first female to work the front desk in the city of Boston!”

Why have you chosen to remain at Hilton? How has Hilton shaped your career?

Hilton is the right fit for me and my passion. There were no other companies I wanted to work for. Hilton shaped my career for the better. Even as the company evolved, I continued to pursue opportunities so I could evolve too!

What is your favorite perk about being a Team Member?

I have enjoyed meeting many people and working with some amazing Team Members throughout my career. Today, I currently work on the leisure team. The team is like a family to me and I celebrate every day I get to work with them.

What advice would you give to aspiring young professionals?

Find what you want to do, then find what you're passionate about, and then find a way to fulfill both in a job environment. Be sure to know what makes you happy because you are in charge of your career. 

How are you mentoring younger Team Members?

I’m always striving to mentor young Team Members to help them better understand how to enhance their careers. I love being a sounding boarding for young professionals as they start to think about goal setting, especially in hospitality sales. 

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