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Fairygodboss Radio Podcast: Hilton’s Laura Fuentes Talks Leadership, Women Helping Women, Team Member Experience and More

What are the critical elements of being a good leader? Laura Fuentes, Senior Vice President of Talent and Rewards at Hilton, spoke recently with Fairygodboss radio to share leadership insights and lessons from her unique career path.

Tune in here to hear about Laura’s integrated approach to the seemingly elusive work-life balance, one that allows her to achieve a career she’s proud of and a family she’s present for. Also hear Laura’s take on women helping women through direct, compassionate feedback, the importance of leaders making sure they’re re-recruiting their team and checking that they’re continually “opting in to work with you.” Laura shares how sponsorship and mentorship has supported her career, and the way in which it lifts up others. “I think the greatest gift that we can give is helping them see the possibilities within their own potential, within their own careers, and giving that extra push of confidence.”

Laura, who began her career wearing steel-toed boots and a hard hat as a structural engineer in New York City, also spoke about the role that gender has played in her career and in her leadership style. Beginning her career in a male-dominated industry and having transitioned to leadership roles in Human Resources, Laura shares how she learned early on to find her voice and be confident in her recommendations. Laura brings that experience to the table when it comes to creating Team Member programs that are deliberate about inclusion and ensuring everyone is able to share their voice and true self at Hilton.

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