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Leader Perspectives Featuring Laura Fuentes: On Bold + Brilliant at TEDWomen 2019

Last week I spent a few days at the TEDWomen 2019 Conference Bold + Brilliant. Men and women came from across the globe to one of our beautiful properties, La Quinta Resort, A Waldorf Astoria in Palm Springs. Hilton had the opportunity to host a luncheon with leaders from across academia, global NGOs and Fortune 100 companies to discuss workforce challenges and the trends impacting women. I was moved by these honest conversations about career trajectory, longevity and authenticity.

Here are five of my key takeaways:

  1. One person with a dream can do incredible things, but a collective group is unstoppable. Get people on board with your ideas to make real impact.  
  2. The lunch dialogue reminded me of our core beliefs in this space: Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice, belonging is the outcome.
  3. Pave your way, lead with your work, be open to new possibilities but be an active architect of your journey.
  4. Pull people up behind you: leaders should also be actively and inclusively looking for the next generation of leaders.
  5. A favorite quote came from Cara E. Yar Khan from Princess Rising, who shared that “Courage is the balance between fear and bravery.” How have you been courageous today?

Want to hear more from Laura? Learn more about Hilton’s commitment to women here and Hilton’s ranking as the #1 Workplace for Women in the U.S.