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Hilton at Home: Creating Floral Bouquets to Brighten Your Mood

Hilton decorator shares how flowers transform your environment

Spring flowers are not only beautiful and fragrant—they’re also a lovely visual reminder that a new season has arrived. As many of us look forward to the end of lockdowns, the return of travel and the ability to reconnect with loved ones, this year’s spring flowers can also be seen as a beautiful sign of hope.

To learn how we can bring a touch of spring indoors, we turned to Paula Escobar, decorator and flower expert, partner of the Hilton Bogotá Corferias hotel in Colombia, for advice on how to create a “mood-boosting” spring bouquet.

Paula Escobar, a decorator, flower expert and partner to Hilton Bogotá Corferias. Credit: Hilton

How can floral bouquets affect the mood of indoor spaces?

It’s the color they add. The meaning of a house is very similar to the meaning of a temple. It is a sacred place of rest and relaxation where you find peace, where those you love are. That environment is not only created by us, but also by how we decorate it. Part of that magic—more so in these times—is in flowers. We’ve realized that they have their own language, a silent language that speaks of joy, that stimulates the senses, that gives a magic touch to each space. The colors of flowers contrast with any decoration we have, they bring us joy and have a positive effect on our mood. This is why in spring, we want to have colorful and energetic flowers that bring joy to our homes. 

What are the first steps in assembling an amazing floral bouquet?

First, choose strong colored flowers. Roses, or garden flowers such as tulips or peonies, are perfect for spring because their bright colors bring joy to the spring season after a long winter. Clean the flowers and remove thorns. Then choose flower foliage. Join the flowers in a spiral shape in order to mix their colors—play around with flower combinations and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Are there any special steps that can preserve a bouquet’s longevity?

Be sure to place your bouquet somewhere with abundant light and ventilation—but avoid direct sunlight. If your climate is already very warm, put some ice cubes in the vase to keep the flowers cool. Add a small glass of chlorine into the arrangement’s water to maintain your arrangement.

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