Top Five Adventurous Experiences with a Luxurious Twist

Recognising the shift towards travellers seeking authenticity and a desire to immerse themselves in local life beyond the sanctuary of a hotel, Hilton offers a choice of over 100 unique luxury experiences. From adventure, art and culture to culinary and cuisine or even spa and wellness, guests can connect to their destination through immersive experiences including sharing the sky with a falcon or becoming a ninja!  Because we know it’s hard to choose, here’s a selection of five adventurous ways to get under the skin of a destination:

  1. Fly with a Falcon at Habtoor Palace Dubai, LXR Hotels and Resorts: Float 4,000 feet above the desert sunrise in a hot air balloon, sharing the skies with a trained falcon, then continue your desert journey to an authentic Bedouin camp in a classic 1950’s Land Rover for a Habtoor Palace style gourmet breakfast.
  2. Become a Ninja at Conrad Osaka, Japan: Learn about the ancient Japanese practice of Ninja and train in a Ninja temple before a walking tour around Shin-Sekai in downtown Osaka dressed in your traditional Ninja costume.
  3. Twilight on the Nile at the Conrad Cairo, Egypt: Sailed along the Nile on a typical Cairene wooden felucca experience in a one-hour tour. Enjoy the sights of bustling city life as the sun sets and neon gradually illuminates the skyline and palm trees along the Nile banks.
  4. Set Sail from Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills: Spend a day sailing on the Pacific Ocean, with on-board lunch, whale spotting, and a sunset cocktail.
  5. The Dutch Dream at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: A private helicopter tour reveals the multicoloured petals carpeting the countryside with a luxurious picnic by the spectacular Unesco World Heritage Site Wadden Sea.