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Hilton Introduces Sustainable Ramadan Initiative in Türkiye

Hliton İstanbul Bomonti - The Globe Restaurant - Ramadan - table
Hliton İstanbul Bomonti
Green Ramadan initiative aims to reduce food waste through partnership with 
UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Winnow in six key hotels as part of UNEP Recipe of Change

İstanbul, Türkiye – Hilton today announced the extension of its Green Ramadan initiative at six of its hotels across Türkiye. This innovative program, a collaboration with Winnow and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as part of the UNEP West Asia Office Recipe of Change Sustainable Ramadan campaign, seeks to significantly reduce food waste during Ramadan. This initiative aligns with Hilton's broader sustainability goals under its Travel with Purpose 2030 agenda, which includes a commitment to cut food waste sent to landfill by half.

The Green Ramadan initiative, implemented at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, Ankara HiltonSA, Adana HiltonSA, and Mersin HiltonSA, employs several strategies to minimise food waste and promote sustainability. Efforts include composting excess food, sourcing ingredients locally within an 80-kilometre radius, promoting plant-based options, restricting the use of single-use plastics, and utilising Winnow’s AI technology to measure and manage food waste more effectively. Menus will feature UNEP Recipe of Change messages, empowering guests to make climate-smart choices.

Significantly, reports from UNEP indicate that food waste increases by 25 percent to 50 percent in the West Asia region during religious and social festivities, underlining the critical need for initiatives like Green Ramadan. By implementing targeted measures to reduce food waste, Hilton aims to not only address this surge during Ramadan but also set a precedent for sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

Armin Zerunyan, country general manager, Full Service and Luxury Hotels, Türkiye, Hilton, said, “Recognising that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste, according to UNEP, our Green Ramadan initiative is a move towards greatly reducing our environmental footprint. By making changes in how we prepare and serve food, and by raising awareness among our guests and staff, we aim to significantly alter the way food is consumed and disposed of. We are proud to be at the forefront of the UNEP Recipe for Change Sustainable Ramadan campaign in Türkiye, marking an important step towards achieving our sustainability goals.”

The Six Hilton Hotels Are United for the Green Ramadan to Reduce Food Waste

The integration of Winnow's AI technology at all of the participating hotels will enable precise, digital tracking of food waste throughout Ramadan, ensuring a data-driven approach to minimising waste. In addition, the participating hotels are championing a "Green Ramadan" through the adoption of innovative and pioneering sustainability practices: 

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus has increased its local sourcing to 30 percent to support nearby producers and reduce its carbon footprint. The Ramadan menu has been reimagined with a shared set menu to encourage mindful eating and reduce waste. Innovative preservation techniques, such as pickling and creating powders from food, enhance both shelf life and menu diversity. The hotel also offers zero-waste options for group iftars, emphasising sustainability.

Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus operates a ‘Zero Waste Kitchen’ initiative, where fruit and vegetable scraps are creatively used to make appetizers, reducing waste and enhancing the dining experience with innovative and sustainable culinary creations. The Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant offers special buffet evenings to enable guests to experience a range of meals showcasing the hotel’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Group Iftar dinners of 10 or more follow Green Ramadan Standards to minimise waste and offer special zero-waste menus to delight guests while being mindful of the environment.

Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center menus blend traditional flavours with modern culinary techniques for a unique iftar experience that emphasises sustainability while providing a diverse selection of delicious main courses made with local and seasonal ingredients.  The Globe Restaurant offers traditional iftar tables with tasty, sustainable dishes. In addition to rich menu options for large groups of friends, the hotel offers alternative set menus for special iftar organisations for companies, and special iftar dinners can be hosted for groups in halls of various sizes. The "zero plastic" and "50 mile" (80 km) approaches to both meal preparation and serving are designed to minimise carbon emissions.

Ankara HiltonSA is offering an open buffet for every iftar throughout Ramadan at the Greenhouse restaurant, designed with sustainability in mind to cater to diverse tastes while reducing waste. The introduction of informative placards and various offers aims to educate and encourage guests to participate in waste reduction. The buffet is complimentary for young people and children under 18 on weekends, raising awareness about sustainable dining practices amongst the younger generation.

Mersin HiltonSA is collaborating with Yenişehir Municipality Park and Gardens Directorate during Ramadan to compost food waste, turning iftar leftovers into organic fertiliser. The hotel enhances its Ramadan menu with sustainable options and reduces waste by adjusting menus based on consumption tracking. Partnerships with local suppliers ensure a commitment to clean, fair food, supporting the local economy and sustainable practices. 

Adana HiltonSA focuses on local sourcing for its appetisers, highlighting the importance of supporting local producers and reducing the carbon footprint. Geographically distinctive delicacies like "içliköfte" are served, showcasing the hotel's dedication to culinary heritage and sustainability. Waste from food preparation is composted in collaboration with the Metropolitan Municipality, emphasising a holistic approach to environmental responsibility. 

Each hotel's initiatives contribute to Hilton's overarching goal of a sustainable and environmentally mindful Ramadan celebration, focusing on local sourcing, waste reduction and culinary excellence.

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