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About Tempo by Hilton

Tempo by Hilton provides a stylish, contemporary experience that matches the momentum of active, ambitious travelers. Purposefully designed guest rooms, inspiring public spaces, wellness-focused amenities, and balanced food & beverage offerings empower guests to maintain their routines.​ Tempo by Hilton is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the ambitious, modern traveler and offering thoughtfully designed accommodations to help guests relax and recharge, including an open lobby concept with dedicated spaces to relax, work and dine. 

Tempo by Hilton Highlights

Designed for Routines 

Contemporary hotels purposefully designed to match and support the ebb and flow of energy to help guests maintain their routines. Envisioned as catalysts for genuine, memorable experiences, all Tempo public areas have an open lobby plan with flexible and stylish spaces designed to facilitate socializing, collaboration, dining and focused work. Guests will also enjoy flexible meeting spaces, as well as more informal areas perfect for brainstorming with teammates or concentrating on individual tasks. Tempo by Hilton’s “Look Up” ethos invites guests to experience the present moment and explore a new perspective and inspires them to look up.

Well‑Being Within Reach 

A collection of amenities tuned to keep the focus on guests’ well-being. Tempo by Hilton’s accommodations serve as a refuge where travelers can recharge and renew for the day ahead. Rooms are designed with three zones for function and comfort, including a dedicated Get Ready zone, spacious bathroom with Bluetooth speakers and bath amenities by Apotheke, and an enveloping sleep environment to help guests unwind. Guests can opt for a signature Tempo Wellness guestroom with in-room product experiences from Peloton. Oversized and thoughtfully designed gyms allow guests to maintain their workout routine as they travel with a cardio space, weights area and recovery zone. Guests can also opt for a Tempo Wellness guestroom with equipment from Peloton. 

Balanced F&B

Balanced food and beverage options that offer a wide range of choices for guests to power up or relax and replenish. Tempo by Hilton’s food and beverage offerings – developed in collaboration with our mates at Bluestone Lane, the Australian-inspired premium coffee roaster, café and lifestyle brand – ensure guests have access to everything they need to sustain energy and boost focus. Guests can fuel their morning with an assortment of hearty and healthy options for breakfast, including artisanal smoothies and other breakfast favorites. Later in the day, guests can stop by the hotel’s bar for spirited (or free-spirited) craft cocktail and small plates.

Power Up & Power Down

From Tempo’s signature Hydration Bar offering complimentary still, sparkling, and alkaline water, and state-of-the-art gyms, to the signature “Power Down” in-room experience, Tempo enables balance, helping guests to both power up for their day and unwind after a long day. Guest rooms offer an ideal sleep environment with Sealy Accelerate mattresses, exclusive to Tempo by Hilton, dressed in cooling linens. Wireless phone charges are intended to encourage screen-free time before sleeping while black-out curtains, no in-room digital clocks, room lighting that automatically dims at sunset, and a “relax” button on lighting controls create a restful ambiance.

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Updated April 2024