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Redefining Resolutions: Mastering the Art of a Restful Sleep While Traveling

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Imagine a vacation where your primary itinerary is to unwind, relax and catch up on quality sleep. Sound like a dream? It's the reality of the latest travel trend: sleep tourism. In an age where feeling tired is as common as a morning coffee, a new kind of traveler is emerging – one who asks more of their vacation than sightseeing alone.  

According to Hilton’s latest Trends Report, drawing from the insights of over 10,000 global travelers, people across all age groups say the No. 1 reason they want to travel in the coming year is to rest and recharge. This signals not just how important wellness has become to travelers, but how much it influences what they do when they travel—including seeking out great sleep.   

Ready to reenergize on your next trip? Consider these five tips that can lead to a better night’s sleep while on the road.  

1. Practice Mindfulness and Movement

Meditation can help calm the mind, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. For travelers, especially those navigating time zone changes, incorporating mindfulness practices, like meditation and yoga, into routines can be particularly beneficial. While some may choose a familiar app, resorts often provide opportunities to engage with similar activities while connecting with the destination. For example, Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia offers a holistic anti-stress program combining yoga therapy with meditation, aimed at delivering guests a better night’s rest. Signia by Hilton Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center, which also offers group yoga classes, features specialty wellness rooms equipped with fitness mats, meditation cushions and recovery kits to support post-workout recuperation.

2. Embrace Screen-Time Limits and Bedtime Routines

Reducing blue light exposure before bedtime and maintaining a consistent pre-sleep routine while on the road signals to your body that it’s time to wind down. "The use of technology is integral to our daily lives, but it's also crucial to set boundaries particularly as we wind down for sleep and as we wake in the morning," said Amanda Al-Masri, vice president, wellness, Hilton. "At Hilton, our hotels are designed to help guests find ways to truly disconnect so they are more likely to enjoy restorative sleep and maintain their natural rhythms, even while traveling."

3. Stay Hydrated and Limit Alcohol Consumption

Experts recommend avoiding heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol before sleep, noting that proper hydration is key to getting quality Zzzz’s. Interestingly, 25% of travelers in the Trends Report reported forgoing alcohol before turning in. For those looking to enjoy an evening beverage without affecting their rest, consider non-alcoholic beverage options. Hotels like Tempo by Hilton offer innovative “Free-Spirited” drinks, selections that mirror the “Spirited” cocktails in every way – presentation, flavor profile, mouthfeel and sophistication – but are made without alcohol. 

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4. Optimize Your Sleep Environment

A comfortable sleep environment, even when traveling, is a critical component of a great night’s rest. Seek out accommodations that consider sleep within the room design, such as Hotel Marcel New Haven, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, with its laminated, triple-glazed noise-reducing windows and integrated motorized blackout window shades, or Canopy by Hilton hotels, known for their exclusive bedding, including a gel memory foam mattress and Serta Cool Balance® technology, with the brand’s signature canopy frame. 

5. Experience the Benefits of Aromatherapy

While most travelers would agree that a beautiful scent experience can be enjoyable, aromatherapy (or the therapeutic use of essential oils) can do so much more—including supporting relaxation and sleep. Hotels like Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah are adding these elements to their spa treatments, like the Repose Treatment, which combines massage therapy with aromatic oils chosen to foster deeper slumber. 

If better sleep tops your New Year’s resolutions list, integrating these strategies into your travel plans provides a practical route to fulfilling your goal. As you embark on your journeys in 2024, remember that each destination offers ways to make your travels as restorative as they are memorable.

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