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One‑of‑a‑Kind Escapes: Hilton’s Enchanting, Themed Hotel Rooms

Hilton Cleveland Downtown - Rock and Roll Suite
Hilton Cleveland Downtown

Hilton hotels are renowned for providing guests with comfort and relaxation, offering exceptional rooms and suites designed to make every stay memorable. However, some Hilton properties have taken hospitality to a whole new level by creating whimsical-themed hotel rooms that turn bedtime stories into reality, transform pixels into paradises and bring beloved characters to life in style.

Playful-themed pop-up hotel rooms at Hilton have included a Barbie-themed pink paradise at Hilton Bogota Corferias, a New York Yankees-themed Grand Slam room during baseball season at New York Hilton Midtown and Hallmark Channel Christmas-themed suites across the country.

Some hotels offer year-round themed rooms, delivering a vibrant atmosphere - from gaming rooms that turn downtime into playtime to cartoon characters that can join you on a toon-tastic adventure to vegan rooms proving plant-based stays can be as delightful as they are sustainable. When you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind themed escape, Hilton has set the benchmark for hospitality to turn your wildest fantasies into wanderlust dreams come true.

Enchanting Arabian Nights

Discover the magic of Broadway at Hilton New York Times Square with the enchanting Aladdin’s Times Square Palace suite. Designed by Devin Sparkles Design, this one-of-a-kind suite transforms your stay into an Arabian adventure, echoing the charm and wonder of Disney’s Aladdin the Musical, which is celebrating 10 years on Broadway this March. Just steps from the New Amsterdam Theatre, the suite offers an immersive experience with Agrabah-inspired décor, from magic carpet rugs to Jasmine-inspired silks, creating a captivating desert oasis amidst the urban landscape of Manhattan. This high adventure room comes alive with “Genie-tini” cocktails, Magic Mocktails, and a lively wake-up call from Genie himself. With two Premium Orchestra tickets to the musical, your stay is a journey into a whole new world.

Hop into the World of PEEPS® at the Sweet Suite

Experience the whimsy of the spring season at the PEEPS® Sweet Suite in Home2 Suites by Hilton Easton, a hop away from the PEEPS® headquarters. This unique suite is a candy-colored paradise, brimming with playful PEEPS® decorations and infused with the spirit of the iconic marshmallow treats. Guests will enjoy the exclusive V.I.PEEP tour of the PEEPS® Headquarters, indulge in the latest PEEPS® flavors, and take home delightful PEEPS® merchandise. 

Chilling in Igloo Style

Experience a “cool” stay at Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa in their extraordinary igloo rooms. With 12-cornered glass walls and ceilings, these remarkable accommodations offer a truly unique urban nature experience as you awake to the surrounding views of Laajalahti Bay. Perched firmly on a sturdy pier by the sea, each igloo room is a cozy oasis designed to make you feel like a winter explorer. You’ll sleep beneath a star-studded sky, wrap up in warm, faux fur blankets and, if you’re feeling adventurous, can take a refreshing dip in the sea almost all year round, right from your doorstep. Bookings include a guest room in the hotel, just a stone’s throw away, offering access to saunas and a heated swimming pool to enjoy during the winter frost.

Level Up Your Stay in the Fun and Games Room

Step into a world where fantasy meets pixels at the Curtis Denver – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, and embark on a video game adventure like no other. This candy land of fun and games will transport you to the next level of excitement. Whether you’re a princess or a plumber, this room caters to your inner child, promising hours of endless fun and competition—there’s even an arcade machine right in the room! But the fun doesn’t stop at video games; this colorful and retro space also offers a fantastic selection of board games. 

Indulge in a Rock & Roll Fantasy in the Rock & Roll Suite

Experience the ultimate homage to music legends in the Rock & Roll Suite, exclusively commissioned by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and hosted at Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Among its incredible features are legendary song lyrics gracing the walls, while inspired lighting sets the stage for a truly psychedelic experience. And what’s more, you can recline in style on a plush red lips couch, all while enjoying unobstructed views of the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Smurf-tastic Escapade in the Smurfs Room

Nestled in the heart of the energizing Belgian capital, Hilton Brussels Grand Palace is a true gem that offers a blend of elegance and charm. But amidst its luxurious accommodations and impeccable service, there’s a surprise awaiting guests—the Smurf Room. As Brussels is the birthplace of these beloved tiny blue icons, it’s only fitting that Hilton Brussels Grand Palace pays homage to them. Ideal for families, the Smurf Room beckons with two queen beds and a convenient pull-out sofa bed. This fanciful haven allows guests to step into the world of the Smurfs right from their room, with Smurf-themed amenities, a collection of comic books and charming take-home gits to cherish the memories of their Smurf-tastic stay.

Seaside Delights in the Crab Family Room

Experience the perfect family retreat at Hilton Zhoushan’s Crab Family Room, where coastal beauty meets playful delight. With sweeping sea views that seamlessly blend with the East China Sea’s stunning backdrop, this room offers an unforgettable stay. Dive into a world of fun and imagination with Mr. Crab cartoon-themed children’s amenities, then relax in comfort on the Hilton Serenity Beds while the kids enjoy their very own in-room tent. The spacious sitting area with sofa provides a cozy spot to unwind, and the highlight of the room is the 270-degree, L-shaped balcony, offering spectacular vistas of the sea.

Step into Royalty in the Princess Diana Suite

In 1996, Princess Diana graced The Drake, a Hilton Hotel with her presence, and you can step into her world and experience it exactly as she did with the Princess Diana Suite. This 1,500-square-foot suite has been meticulously preserved to retain the exact décor and design that welcomed the beloved Princess during her stay. Adorned with crystal chandeliers and boasting a grand entranceway, a marble foyer and spacious living and dining areas, this suite offers a glimpse into regal luxury. Framed pictures of Princess Diana’s stay serve as a reminder of the hotel’s rich history.

Enchanted Escapes in Happy Magic Rooms

Hilton Tokyo Bay offers a truly enchanting experience for both landlubbers and seafarers alike. One of its most captivating offerings is its Happy Magic Rooms or Family Happy Magic Rooms, where dreams come to life in a realm of wonder in a choice of park or ocean views. These unique accommodations are designed with families in mind, offering options for groups of four or six with multiple beds and bunks. What sets these rooms apart is their immersive theme, inspired by the hotel’s original children’s stories, ensuring every stay is a fairytale adventure. As you enter these rooms, you’ll discover child-friendly interactive features that spark imagination and create lasting memories.

Immerse Your Family in Fun in the Cartoon Family Room

At Hilton Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa, children are in for a treat that goes beyond the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the resort. While there’s an endless array of activities to enjoy around the resort, including fantastic swimming pools, a kids’ club and delicious dining options, it’s the Cartoon Family Room that truly captivates young hearts. Offering garden views and a whimsical forest-themed interior, this room provides children with their own special space featuring a game zone filled with toys and dolls. There’s also a unique cartoon single bed for children to share a cozy space with parents, making it the ideal retreat for families looking to create unforgettable memories.

Green Getaway in the Vegan Suite

Hilton London Bankside caters to the growing demand for sustainability and plant-based living with a fully vegan suite. This thoughtfully designed suite not only boasts chic and modern aesthetics but also aligns perfectly with ethical and eco-friendly values. From the headboard crafted from pineapple leaves to bamboo flooring, every element in this suite is made from natural, sustainable materials. Even the mini-bar and in-room dining menus have been carefully curated to feature a delectable array of vegan selections so guests can experience a sustainable and indulgent stay.

Tatami Time in the Japanese Suite

At Hilton Fukoka Sea Hawk, the Japanese Suite is a true gem that harmonizes perfectly with the hotel’s grandeur and coastal allure. From world-class dining options to rejuvenating spa facilities, the hotel caters to every aspect of your journey. And, when you retire to the Japanese Suite, you’ll find the seamless fusion of modern sophistication and traditional elegance with tatami flooring, Japanese-style furnishings and meticulous attention to detail creating an ambiance of refined simplicity.

Boogie the Night Away in the Disco Room

Welcome to the groovy world of the Curtis Denver – A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, where the Disco Room takes you on a trip back in time to the era of funk, disco balls, bellbottoms and platform shoes. This room is not just a place to stay; it’s a full-blown dance party waiting to happen. The vibrant and energetic décor will transport you straight to the ‘70s, with retro furnishings and kaleidoscopic patterns creating a shagadelic disco pad suitable for shaking your groove thing all night long.

Embrace Nature’s Beauty in the Cozy Cabin Suite

Step into “The Cabin” at Hilton Salt Lake City Center and you’ll be surrounded by rustic décor that evokes the serenity of the wilderness. Fly-reel and antler-themed lighting sets the tone, while cozy pillows and throws invite you to unwind by the fire. Faux cowhide rugs, cabin-inspired wood furniture and locally sourced art showcasing the area’s wild flora, fauna and National Parks by talented photographers complete the immersive experience with the heart of Utah’s breathtaking landscape. The hotel overlooks the majestic Oquirrh Mountains and pays homage to the alpine forested vistas that define Utah’s charm.

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